Is Your Pool In Need Of Work?  Our Orange County Pool Contractors Are “Pool Experts” With Over 30 Years Of Experience!

In the summer, when the sun beats down, a dip in the water is just what you need to feel refreshed. Even more so in Orange County, one of the most sun-drenched cities in America, with a number of cloudy days you can count in single digits. Swimming pools are great assets to develop a property and add value to a growing real estate portfolio as well as being fun toys to play with all year round.

That is, if they’re built well!

Building a pool is no easy task. It’s much harder than just digging a deep hole, lining it with cement and then pouring in water. That will give you a nice puddle or cold soup base, but it’s hardly what a proper pool should be. Pools now have so many more features to keep them safe and swimmable. Things like pumps and circulation so the water is never standing and never attracts molds or insects. Sanitation, chlorination, other things to keep the water from being contaminated with bacterial life. 

It’s a lot of hard work. It takes a professional touch. Which is where a good contractor can come in handy.

What An Orange County Pool Contractor Can Do

Pool Contractors are trained and skilled at creating the ideal pool experience that can fit on any property within any reasonable budget. All you need to do is talk and listen and they can handle most of the work themselves.  Our All-Time Pool contractors know the area well, especially the lengthy legal zoning laws that need to be followed in order for ground to first break on any given project. Contractors will get all the right permits in line first without you needing to learn the complicated red tape barricade of using the land that you already own.

With a contractor in place you can rest assured that a good job will be done. Provided, of course, that the contractor’s reputation is overall positive and precedes them in that area. Going cheap just for someone to do a sub-par job will just leave you with an extra job to complete. Removing a pool can sometimes be a worse hassle than building one, so be sure you find a contractor who gets the whole process right from start to finish. 

Hiring an Orange County pool contractor saves a ton of time that would otherwise be spent learning the law, filling out paperwork, and of course, doing the labor. Most residences have, at best, a shovel. You may think you can just rent a compact backhoe and pile the dirt up to one side while you carve out a hole. But construction equipment of that level isn’t as easy to manipulate as a normal car. Contractors also have skilled workers that know their machines front to back so there’s no risk of any amateur driving accidents. 

Pools aren’t just bodies of water, they’re complex open-face machines that require electrical hookups and, obviously, plumbing. Contractors can recruit and gather all the necessary skilled laborers to fulfill those jobs safely and adequately. Why hire one different individual from a different company for each step of the process? Just focus on the one company that cantilever quality work and let them do their job.

Hiring a pool contractor from All-Time Pool is an overall money saver. Pools are expensive mostly because of the materials that go into them. You want a pool that lasts a lifetime, or for as long as you plan to have the land it’s on. Sub-par material will result in cracks, leaks, and further damage to the property which could tank the value and leave you with a big empty shell in the yard. It’s one of the hardest DIY home improvements just because of how much could go wrong and how many varieties of material there are to use. Trust a professional’s understanding to design, develop and install your pool for you.

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Good contractors make great pools. Save yourself a future of worries by reading reviews and portfolios of past jobs. Build your dream pool, or pick from a winning design, and give All-Time Pool a call today!